by aroah & dot tape dot

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released by plop / nature bliss 2012.
"With their first collaboration album, .tape. and Aroah create a weave of kindred melodies and dreampop gifts, akin and tranquil. After a 2005 release of 'Paintings' on Nature Bliss, .tape. returns with a new blend of subtly infused harmony, only accentuated and enhanced by the gifts of Aroah's delicate vocals, free and embedded in a moving, warm environment. Her every breath is honest, fine, and within perception, completely relaxed. Amiable movements glitter over the surface, carefully chosen harmonies pulling out, with choice acoustics and velvet-smooth voice pleasant and forthright. In the glow from a warm window, bright colors flare and recede. Realism drops in, as easily placed as petals falling from a withering flower, yielding to new growth and imagination of the unexpected. Understated and edgy, yet luminescent and pure folk pop melancholia, 13 tracks play through with beaming nature hues, always feeling effortless, and clear. "


released March 14, 2012



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aroah & dot tape dot Villalpando, Spain

aroah & dot tape dot is a NY/avilés lo-fi pop band.

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Track Name: xmas wish
If i had the will, I'd drive my parents' car through Elbow's winding hills to try to twist your arm.
Come round, oh Lovely Sound, when S becomes a YES. Pronounced, oh Lovely Sound: Y, E and S.
Track Name: bees
Heroes bee-stung, be there standing by the hive. Some must be drunk, see the haze behind their eyes. And from the corn field - like butter in the sun - melting and shining.
Lost in the smoke, the mysterious smiles of the bees. 4.000 miles and I still can’t be brought to believe. Talk about stubborn!
Is it a joke, do you think that their smiles are for me? Because I’m stubborn.
Track Name: sunday
Upset: a table for one. Your daughter’s not coming to her senses. Stability is the key to prosperity. Who grinds her teeth in the night?
You set a table for two. You think that’s the ring of a phone. That’s damage to you. Who grinds her teeth all night long? Is it mother?
Track Name: heritage
With my belly full I broke the seal, and took it to the porch to read out loud. As I recited to the field, I saw that he'd lost it all for me. "Maybe someday... all that you see will not be yours. I'll set you free!"
Got invited to the wake. Anger, grievance... they're mine to take. Jealousy has pulled away. Begging, laughing... they're just the same.
Track Name: sound of keys
The sound of traffic outside reminds me of the sea. The city’s slowing down and I should go to sleep At one on Tuesday night, I’m leaving on our little light It’s so cold out there. I toss and turn. It isn’t fair. One more...
One more blanket won’t matter at all, neither will turning up the heat. It’s just too cold for me.
No matter how hard I try or if I slowly count sheep, when I can’t feel you breathe. So I sit up, open my book and wait to hear the sound of keys.
Track Name: wyrd gd
when i was young
i didn't care
i took it all for granted
i thought the world
was simply there
i spent a long time like this
years and years and years
Track Name: the con
by design
i've made a noose
out of things that make me feel better
but it's never fine, when i lose my mind
to a will condemned and tethered to
such a fear of shame
to dealing with the same old nonsense

and the man who sold the ruse
has assured us that the weather
wouldn't change this time
with your ducks in line
and your debts paid by december

we know the man got game
he's dealing us the same old nonsense
played on our fears of shame
we're dealing with the same old nonsense
Track Name: 13 hard hits
I was always one to brag about “being a part of something and feeling nothing at all”. Letting loose of all you can, you feel like a part of something, with no control at all.
Hard hitters struck and missed their cue, they lost once more. They lost once more.
One. One is a pile of fun. Play. Play, get your name in the game. Three. This person I wanna be.
Hard hitters struck and missed their cue, the lost once more.